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Dear Friends of ITAC,

This is just a quick note to tell you that we are getting all saddled up for our 2014 season. Although we are starting a bit later in the year, we still have planned a full calendar of plays, musical performances, guest artists, and other theatrical events. The late start is giving us a chance to catch our breath, and to enjoy the spring from the out-of-doors rather than from the darkness of the interior of the theatre. In a recent conversation, we were figuring it up and realized that, jointly, the two of us have spent nearly 100 years working in theatre. Amazing as it might sound, after all that time, we still have the fire and excitement for our work, and we can’t wait to see what the new season brings.

Although running a small “mom and pop” theatre is not an easy task, the effort has been entirely worth it. We love what we do. However, we have discovered that we enjoy theatre work a lot more than we do running a performance venue. So, on a happy note, we have decided to sell our beautiful building in Amana at the end of the 2014 season. We have enjoyed it for six seasons and we believe the building has a future as a performance venue and community center for Amana and all of eastern Iowa. Hopefully, we will find a buyer who has the same vision. We will keep the non-profit corporation of the “Iowa Theatre Artists Company” in place, and we will continue to live in South Amana. We are already planning projects and new work, and we plan to perform in the area as the opportunities arise. Rest assured, we are not going away. After all, when you live in heaven, there’s no reason to move.

So, as always, dear friends, we need you to make our last season in the ITAC building a success. We need you to come and see all of the shows; we need you to bring your friends; we need you to talk us up; and most of all we need you to continue to agree with us that live theatre is a necessary part of our wonderful world. Both of us will have a number of opportunities to thank you personally over the coming months. But let us say, here and now, that we are grateful to each and every one of you for your support during any of the one hundred or so years that we have been putting on plays.

With warm affection for you all,
Tom and Meg


Those of us at ITAC are grateful for the contributions from generous and supportive individuals and businesses who share our dream of bringing more performing arts opportunities to eastern Iowa. We invite you to add your name to the growing number of such supporters.
Since ITAC is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 small professional theatre company, contributions are tax deductible.

If you have questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us: or call:  319-622-3225






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